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KC Driving School has been teaching teens to drive since 1986. We are licensed, insured and bonded in the state of Wisconsin.

The Online Classroom course is our most popular option. This is a self-paced, computer based online course. The presentations and narrations are identical to a traditional classroom.

After completing the Classroom course students must enroll in the Behind the Wheel course to receive a signed MV3001 and obtain their permit from the DMV. This is required in order to drive on public roads.

Licensed & Insured

KC Driving School is licensed and insured to conduct business in the state of Wisconsin. It also has a place of business and a vehicle that meets all the requirements for instructors to drive. The vehicles must have a dual control brake and clutch, and a right-side rear view mirror. Students must be at least 14 years old to take the classroom course and behind-the-wheel lessons.

The online classroom course lets students work on their own time. It features extensive study materials that cover everything from Kansas traffic laws to defensive driving techniques. It also includes tools to help you pass the written exam, including practice quizzes and tests.

Once the online classroom course is complete, teens will enroll in a Behind-the-Wheel Course. This is required in order to receive a signed MV3001 and obtain their permit from the DMV. Students will take six two-hour lessons. These lessons are usually scheduled about 2-3 weeks apart. Once completed, the student will be a certified driver and may qualify for insurance discounts.

Experienced & Certified

We offer a six hour classroom course and behind the wheel training. This course is designed for the nervous driver, elderly drivers or those who haven’t driven in a while. The class is divided into short chapters based on the Kansas driver’s manual and high-quality videos that fill the entire screen. Automatically move from one video to the next as you learn about driving laws, safety procedures and best practices.

After successfully completing the classroom portion of the course, students will schedule their six driving lessons. These are usually scheduled within one or two days after the completion of the classroom course.

KC has been teaching teens to drive for over 25 years and understands that each student is different. He is patient, knowledgeable and works with each student to make sure they understand the material. He loves working with new drivers and helping them achieve their goals. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family, playing sports & watching baseball.

Friendly & Reliable

Our instructors are very kind and patient. They want the best for their students and make it a fun experience. They also help the student with their driving skills and safety. I would recommend them to anyone!!

We offer both classroom and behind the wheel lessons. Lessons are scheduled 7 days a week all year long. Each lesson is two hours long. Students may sign up for as few or as many driving lessons as they wish. We encourage them to take the full six hour course as it gives them a better learning experience. The student will receive a certificate upon completion. Some insurance companies give a discount for driver’s education certificates.

It is important to eliminate distractions. This means no cell phones, no eating, no multiple passengers and to always check your mirrors before braking or turning! This will help prevent the student from becoming distracted. This can cause dangerous mistakes and even accidents.


We strive to make our classes affordable for teens. We offer a 30 hour Online Classroom course which is completed at home and at your own pace. The presentations, narrations and quizzes are very similar to a traditional classroom course. This is the most popular option.

We also have a 6 lesson two hour Behind the Wheel course (BTW). Students schedule their own lessons through our online BTW scheduling and usually do them about 2-3 weeks apart. This allows them to finish their BTW’s before they need to take the permit exam.

*Please note that the Doctors visit fee for the USDOT physical and the state licensing fees are not included in the price of tuition. These costs are set by the doctors and the state of Wisconsin.

If you are taking the Classroom with KC’s and BTW’s with another driving school then you will need 2 Course Completions (1 classroom and 1 behind the wheel). These are available for an additional cost of $50.

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